If you were going to buy AirPower, you might consider this accessory instead

If you still are interested in a wireless charging pad for your Apple devices, you might want to consider AirUnleashed. Spotted by AppleInsider, this wireless charging pad is similar in design to the AirPower mat, and will simultaneously charge an iPhone, Apple Watch and an AirPods carrying case. Now, where did we hear that before? Unlike AirPower, the AirUnleashed pad is available now from the manufacturer’s website for $99. The price is $108 if you need to add the required QuickCharge 3.0 wall charger. Note that AirUnleashed is not compatible with your standard iPhone charger.

Apple had hoped to put 30 or more coils inside AirPower so that users didn’t have to find an exact spot for each device to be placed on the mat. AirUnleashed uses three coils placed right alongside each other, which means that each device must be placed on a certain spot on the pad in order to charge. For example, charging an Apple Watch series 3 or series 4 requires that the timepiece be placed over a dimple in the middle of the pad between an iPhone and the AirPods case.

The following Apple devices are compatible with AirUnleashed:

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