Apple uses all-star athlete roster to get you excited about the Beats Powerbeats Pro (video)

Just in case it wasn’t entirely clear how the brand-new and as-yet-unreleased Powerbeats Pro earbuds aim to stand out from the new and released AirPods 2, a 60-second ad uploaded to the official Beats by Dre YouTube channel yesterday might be able to remove all the confusion from the equation of buying totally wireless headphones next month.

As always, Apple is proving to be a big believer of the old “spend money to make money” principle, undoubtedly investing a small fortune in its daughter brand’s Powerbeats Pro “Unleashed” publicity campaign by enlisting the help of over a dozen famous athletes. We’re talking some of the biggest names in basketball, tennis, gymnastics, boxing, soccer, and several other sports, from LeBron James to Serena Williams, Simone Biles, Anthony Joshua, and Eden Hazard.

The aim of the commercial is pretty easy to understand right off the bat, as Olympic gymnastics champion Simone Biles demonstrates just a few seconds in how securely the Beats Powerbeats Pro can fit in the user’s ears, refusing to budge during the most intense workouts. That can include dribbling like LeBron, jumping rope like Anthony Joshua, weightlifting like Zoe Smith, climbing (and even falling) like Miho Nonaka, and essentially anything else that involves effort, sweat, and pushing your body to the limit.

The point is the Powerbeats Pro can handle everything you (or elite athletes) throw at them, resisting water and sweat, as well as staying perfectly still in your ears to help raise your spirits when you’re down and properly celebrate a successful workout. Of course, the headphones just so happen to also look extremely cool when celebrities wear them, although it’s certainly a little odd that Apple’s otherwise effective ad features a single Powerbeats Pro color option.

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