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New Pixel devices coming on May 7, Google suggests

The Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL have been making headlines for quite some time. Even Google confirmed the phones, several times. It is no longer about what they are, since we know almost everything there is to know about them, but more about when will they finally become official.

“Something big is coming to the Pixel universe” is the message that is displayed on the Google Store, hinting towards an official announcement most probably with the occasion of Google I/O 2019, happening May 7.

There is also a message for Avengers fans out there, stating that “help is on the way”, as probably more Marvel characters will be joining the lineup of augmented reality Playmoji available on the Pixel phones.

Reports have surfaced suggesting that the Pixel 3a phones might be joining T-Mobile as well, in addition to Verizon. This means that Google will break the Verizon exclusivity streak that’s been going on forever. Additionally, we’ve heard details of new Chromebooks possibly being in the works

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