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Google Pixel 4 gets an AOSP mention

Whether it will be modular or feature a punch-hole, the Pixel 4 is a phone worth getting excited about, like every year with Google phones. It has been in the headlines thanks to various rumors and reports, but it seems like the device got its first official mention. The “Pixel 4” moniker was spotted inside the Android Open Source Project, as part of a comment made by a Google employee.

The fact that we see an official mention of the Pixel 4 not only confirms the device’s planned existence and development, but, according to the comment, it could already be out in the hands of some developers.

The plan was to first deploy this on Pixel 3 and make sure that everything actually works. Then move on to Pixel 4 and so on. If I had a Pixel 4 device, I probably wouldn’t have bothered with 4.9 in the first place.

Considering that last year’s Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL were probably the most leaked phones in recent history, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Pixel 4 follow the same route. It’s still at least six months out, but we’ll keep an eye out for everything Pixel 4 popping up.

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