Poco Launcher updated with dark mode

The latest update for the Poco Launcher brings Dark Mode (it’s hidden in the Settings menu, hit More and then Backgrounds). You can also customize the transparency of the background in the app drawer, including setting it to pure black.

The Pocophone F1 itself doesn’t have an OLED screen, so you won’t get the battery savings of Dark Mode, but the phone will still be more pleasant to use late in the evening. Of course, you can download the Poco Launcher on any Android phone from the Play Store (hit the Source link). Also, if you’re running a MIUI 10 phone, you’ll have a system-wide Dark Mode to match.

Poco Launcher: Settings
Poco Launcher: Home screen
Poco Launcher: Light mode
Poco Launcher: Dark mode

Poco Launcher: Settings • Home screen • Light mode • Dark mode

The new version of the launcher brings other improvements as well. For one, you can add custom apps to the App Vault. Also, double tap to lock should work on all compatible models now. The rendering of icons have been improved for a crisper image and a bug with white backgrounds has been fixed.

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