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There are six Android Q beta versions on Google’s Q timeline

Google officially unveiled the very first public beta of Android Q today. If you own a Pixel device — including the original Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL — you can give Android Q a shot by opting into the beta program or manually flashing the factory image.

As part of the announcement today, Google also revealed the Android Q beta timeline. This year, there will be six beta releases before the eventual stable rollout of Android Q, which will happen at some point in the third quarter of this year. Judging from last year, that will probably be sometime in August.

Below, you can see what Google has planned as far as dates go for each of the six Android Q beta versions:

  • Beta 1 (initial release, beta, March 13, 2019)
  • Beta 2 (incremental update, beta, early April 2019)
  • Beta 3 (incremental update, beta, early May 2019, likely coinciding with Google I/O)
  • Beta 4 (final APIs and official SDK, Play publishing, beta, early June 2019)
  • Beta 5 (release candidate for testing Q3 2019)
  • Beta 6 (release candidate for final testing Q3 2019)
  • Final release to AOSP and ecosystem (Q3 2019)

Check out the timeline image below for further info:

The official timeline of the Android Q beta rollouts. Google

Although it’s likely Google will stick pretty hard to that timeline, there’s always the possibility that things could be pushed back or pushed forward, depending on how smoothly each rollout goes.

As a reminder, Android Q at this point is not meant for daily driver use. If you do decide to install it on a device, you should plan on using another device as your main phone, otherwise, you could face problems.

To learn more about what Android Q has in store, check out our roundup below:

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