Google Home smart speakers are getting support for Duo audio-only calls

Google Duo, the video chat mobile app developed by the search giant for Android and iOS devices, has been ported to desktop last month so that users can make and take calls on the web. But it looks like Google has even bigger plans for Duo, or at least that’s what the company’s latest moves suggest.

Now, if you own a Google Home smart speaker, you’ll be happy to know that Google has added Duo support for audio calls. As reported by AndroidPolice, the new feature seems to work with all Google Home speakers, and the command you’ll have to use to trigger it is “Duo audio call Speaker X.” Also, you can short tap to answer an audio call and long tap (hold) to hang-up or decline a call that you’re getting on your Google Home speaker.

Rumors about the Duo functionality in Home speakers surfaced last month, but no one knew when exactly the company will enable it. We’re pleased to report that you should now be able to use Duo audio calls on your Google Home speaker, which adds further adds to the line’s functionality.

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