Apple’s Netflix competitor will reportedly be unveiled next month

Apple’s upcoming March 25th event will see the introduction of the company’s long-awaited video subscription service, according to a new report from Bloomberg. Yesterday, BuzzFeed News reported that Apple plans to announce its news subscription service at the March event, but it seems like the company has more than just that in the works.

Apple has reportedly invited Hollywood stars, including “Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner and JJ Abrams” to attend, in a clear nod to its video plans. The premium video subscription offering will be home to Apple’s original TV shows and movies as the company moves to take on Netflix and Amazon and further boost its services division. Bloomberg says it’s expected to launch sometime this summer.

Customers will also be able to subscribe to add-on “channels” like Starz and other networks; Amazon already does something similar to this with Amazon Prime Video Channels, and Roku has recently started selling video subscriptions through its Roku Channel. Apple’s own attempt at bundling video subscriptions is unlikely to include Netflix, Hulu, and HBO, CNBC reported earlier today, as some networks are unhappy with the percentage of each subscription that Apple wants to keep for itself. (This same frustration also extends to the subscription news app. Some publishers are refusing to participate due to Apple’s terms, with the company reportedly pushing for a 50 percent cut of each paid news subscription.)

The video service will “likely” be accessed through the TV app that ships preinstalled on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV, according to Bloomberg. Apple will almost certainly bring the service to third-party devices over time to maximize viewership. The company and Samsung already announced an upcoming iTunes Movies and TV Shows app for 2019 Samsung TVs earlier this year.

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