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Google Maps AR navigation soon rolling out to some users

Back in May of 2018 we learned how Google Maps intended to use your phone’s camera to offer an augmented reality take finding your way around. Looks like that feature is now starting to slowly roll out to a handful of users. Chances are you won’t be getting it soon, as the company told the Wall Street Journal in an interview that only Local Guide users will be seeing it first.

The reason behind this is that, according to the company, the feature still needs more testing and polishing. In case you’ve missed it, Google Maps will still rely on your GPS to position your phone, but it will overlay arrows on turning points and signs on businesses you see through your phone’s camera. This augmented reality approach should help users find their way around in an easier way. Even when fully implemented, you won’t be able to rely solely on this, because there will be a time limit for using the feature, both for safety and battery life reasons.

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