2 weeks ago

    Rush Rally 3 will finally launch on Android this March 29

    Racing fans, strap in: Rush Rally 3 will launch on Android on 29 March 2019. The latest entry in the franchise looks truly breathtaking, with genuine console-quality…
    5 days ago

    Google Stadia: Everything we know so far about the upcoming streaming platform

    Google just announced Stadia, an extremely exciting new gaming platform that aims to make video game streaming viable. With so much information getting thrown out in such…
    3 weeks ago

    Connect is a polished matching puzzler with a twist, out now on Android

    Connect is a super polished new matching puzzler that aims to shake up the formula on Android. While most matching puzzlers are content matching three or four…
    3 weeks ago

    Square Enix Is Releasing a Prequel to ‘Octopath Traveler’ on iOS and Android in Japan with Pre-Registrations Now Live – TouchArcade

    Octopath Traveler by Square Enix was my favourite game on the Switch last year and one of the best JRPGs this generation by far. I couldn’t get…
    6 days ago

    Isle of Pigs’ AR Version Will Fly Exclusively to iPhone This Spring – TouchArcade

    The people at Rovio who dreamed up Angry Birds were either sent back from the future or just stumbled into the perfect game mechanic for AR. Seriously,…
    3 days ago

    Twitchy Avoidance Game ‘Too Close’ from ‘Fly Catbug Fly!’ Developer Ludoko – TouchArcade

    We were already fans of developer Ludoko for their previous mobile releases like the (sadly no longer available) Fly Catbug Fly! and the bouncy reflection game Outdodge…
    2 weeks ago

    Project xCloud will get public trials later this year on Android

    Microsoft’s Project xCloud, a streaming service that aims to bring Xbox games to our mobiles, will enter public trials later this year. Alongside this news, Microsoft showed…
    1 week ago

    Full Metal Rumble’ On the Way, Today’s New Releases, a Massive List of Sales, and More – TouchArcade

    Hello gentle readers, and welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up for March 15th, 2019. Today we have a couple of delicious slices of news, along with a plate…

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