2 weeks ago

    Xbox Live has arrived on mobile, exclusively in Gameloft games

    Xbox Live will make its long-anticipated debut on mobile this year, exclusively in select Gameloft games. Xbox Live will arrive in Gameloft games throughout the year These…
    4 days ago

    Wild Lands’, ‘Alt-Frequencies’, ‘SiNKR 2’, ‘F1 Manager’, ‘Last Day Jumper’, ‘Days of Prophecy’, ‘Ailment’, ‘Word Life – Crossword Puzzle’ and More – TouchArcade

    Each and every day new mobile games are hitting the App Store, and so each week we put together a big old list of all the best…
    3 weeks ago

    ‘Wonder Boy Returns Remix’ Coming to Switch, ‘VA-11 Hall-A’ and Today’s Other New Releases, the Latest Sales Info, and More – TouchArcade

    Hello gentle readers, and welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up for May 2nd, 2019. Today we’re looking at the many new releases that hit the system today, the…
    2 weeks ago

    HTC’s first smartphone of 2019 may finally be on the way

    Back in 2014, when the brand was riding high due to the success of the One (M8), HTC released a total of 30 smartphones. As its struggles…
    2 weeks ago

    Augment Your Bird-Flinging with Tips, Hints and Strategies – TouchArcade

    It’s actually a little hard to believe that Angry Birds took this long to get an augmented reality outing. If you think about it, those past-their-peak-but-still-really-famous birds…
    7 days ago

    Ticket to Earth, the sci-fi puzzle RPG, is on sale right now on Android

    Ticket to Earth, Robot Circus’ sci-fi puzzle RPG, is on sale right now on Android for around 50% of its usual price. You play as Rose, an…
    5 days ago

    Dark Domain is a brand new dark fantasy autoplay MMORPG out now on Android

    None of the myriad mobile MMORPGs quite cutting it for you right now? Well, why not take a stab at Dark Domain, a brand new entry in…
    2 weeks ago

    Cruise’ Updated with Two New Levels and a New Vehicle – TouchArcade

    I’ve been a huge fan of developer Oddrok ever since their debut game Power Hover ($3.99) way back in 2015. They have the ability to marry stylish…

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